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Vegan Products

Many people decide not to use animal products in their homes. There are good reasons not to. The majority of our pet toys are made with only pure certified organic cottons and hemp but some do contain pasture raised wool from small regional family farms.

Products on this page meet these criteria:
  • No animal derived materials or fibers
  • Certified organic cotton
  • Natural untreated hemp
  • Crafted with an extra lining for durability
  • Field tested for FUN!
  • Dye free / Colorgrown cotton
  • Fair wage, USA labor
  • 5% of each sale gratefully shared with no kill rescues
  • Carbon used by production/distribution offset with local land preservation trust

Cat Toys

Small Mouse

Small Mouse
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Weighing in at 1/2 ounce our smallest organic catnip mouse is perfect for carrying around and tossing high into the air. 2 3/4 inches long, crafted with a dye-free organic cotton tail.

Small Mouse   4.85

Fuzzy White Fleece Mouse

Fuzzy White Mouse
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Comfortingly fuzzy! Made with extra fluffy organic fleece. We add a dye free thick organic cotton tail. One full ounce of organic catnip. Just under 4 inches long.

Fuzzy White Mouse   8.95

Large White Mouse

Large white organic cotton fleece mouse
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Easy to hold and kick! Same tough double layer construction. Same great organic catnip-just more of it. We fill our 5 1/2 inch mouse with 1 1/8 ounces of catnip and add a chunky dye free organic cotton tail.

Large White Fleece Mouse   10.50

Read Our Rave Reviews:

I met you at the vegetarian food festival today. I was the one with the three-year-old cat named Weezie. Well, I had to email you to tell you that he went insane the moment I walked in the house--he could smell the catnip from across the room and ran right over and pawed at my purse. He loved the mouse and has been playing with it for 30 minutes straight!
Mary & Weezie from Boston


The Happy Carrot

the Happy Carrot
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Durable and yummy, our 6 inch carrot contains over 1/2 cup of fragrant organic catnip! Thick brown colorgrown fleece. Lined with organic cotton canvas. Crowned with fun hemp cord "leaves".

Happy Carrot   8.95

Baby Happy Carrots

the Happy Carrot
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For kitties who love everything small! Offered in cute clusters of three. Each baby carrot is just over 3 inches long. Handcrafted from dye free organic fleece and topped with organic cotton "leaves". They make lovely gifts!

Clusters of baby carrots   12.95

Organic Catnip Snakes

Cats go wild for our snakes! Both the Chubby and Long have the same construction. We fill a tough inner organic cotton sleeve with 2 cups of organic catnip and slip this into a thick outer sleeve of organic cotton fleece. The chubby gets more organic cotton stuffing-this simple difference means a lot to big kicker kitties! These toys contain lots of catnip. This can be too much for smaller cats who find it overwhelming and not as much fun as a smaller toy.

Chubby Organic Cotton Snake

The Chubby Snake
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13 inches long and 7 inches wide. Hemp cord ties. Hug it and kick it! This is our biggest catnip toy, weighing in at over ten ounces. This is a great toy for a BIG cat.

Chubby Organic Cotton Snake   18.95

Inner sleeve still fresh but you need a new outer sleeve?

Chubby Sleeve Only   9.00

Long Organic Cotton Snake

Long Organic Cotton and Catnip Snake
18 inches of pure bliss. Filled with 2 cups of catnip and a bit of organic cotton filler to prevent the catnip from compacting. Tied at both ends with either organic cotton or wool --you choose.
Long Organic Cotton Snake (cotton ties)   17.95

Is your inner snake still fresh but you need a new outer sleeve?

Long Sleeve Only (cotton ties)   8.00

Chase Balls

Crocheted Cotton Chase Balls

Crocheted Cotton Chase Balls Just under 2 inches in diameter, our hand crafted Colorgrown organic cotton balls are a great alternative to wool or plastic. Heavier than our dust bunnies, they have a fun bumpy surface cats love to paw and claw. They are lightly stuffed with agave fiber and contain safely attached bells. Agave fiber comes from Mexico where its production supports clean regional jobs. If your cat likes to eat yarn another toy would be a better choice. Machine wash and dry. Made in the USA (Indiana) Offered in sets of 3.

Crocheted Cotton Chase Balls   11.95

Cotton Dust bunnies

cotton dust bunnies Many kitties love small chasing balls. Our light and fuzzy "bunnies" are perfect for them! Offered in sets of 6. Machine wash and dry. Please don't let big dogs swallow them. Made in the USA (Indiana)

Organic Cotton Dust Bunnies   11.95

Hemp Canvas Collars

silk collar A strong yet light weight canvas. Comfy, effective, and earth-friendly. 3/8 inches wide with a breakaway buckle. Machine wash on gentle, hang dry.

Adult Hemp Cat Collar   11.95
Kitten Hemp Cat Collar   10.95
If you are looking for a fair trade charm or bell for your cat's collar visit this page.

Dog Toys

Basic Bones

Large Organic Plush Bone

14 inches long, 7 inches wide at each end, and a little over 2 inches thick.

Plush Bone, Large with squeaker at each end   19.95
Plush Bone, Large without squeaker   18.95

Medium Organic Plush Bone

10 inches long, 5 inches wide at each end, and a little under 2 inches thick.

Plush Bone, Medium with squeaker   15.95
Plush Bone, Medium without squeaker   14.95

Small Organic Plush Bone

7 inches long, 3 1/2 inches wide at each end, and about 1 1/2 inches thick.

Plush Bone, Small with squeaker   8.25
Plush Bone, Small without squeaker   7.75

Cotton Tugs

organic cotton tug toy
  • 100% dye free organic cotton
  • Hand braided
  • Machine wash & dry
  • Durable
  • Repurposed tags/reuseable as bookmarks
This is a durable tug toy but not for lone chewing. Use with supervision.

Made in the USA (Indiana)

These tugs are handmade and the thickness may vary slightly.

Small Cotton Tug Toy   10.95
Medium Cotton Tug Toy   13.95
Large Cotton Tug   16.95

Dog Treats

Veggie Hides

Veggie Hides Dog Biscuits - Original We are so happy to offer you these unique and yummy dog treats! Developed by Dr. Heidi Junger, a zoologist, and life-long animal lover, Veggie-Hides Banana and Veggie-Hides Original are USDA certified organic dog treats. They are dehydrated raw, 100% human grade, and GMO-free, unrefined whole food products. Veggie-Hides are grain-free, corn-free, soy-free, rice-free, and gluten-free.

There are 60 easily separated wafers in each box of Veggie-Hides treats. These wafers travel very well and will not crumble like biscuits might and because they are dehydrated they have a long shelf life. Made in the USA (California)

Veggie-Hides Original:

A gently processed treat of whole quinoa flour, spinach, carrot, green peas, sprouted flax and sesame seeds, kelp, wheat grass and alfalfa grass (all these ingredients are human-grade quality and certified organic), natural citric acid (GMO-free and human-grade quality). 170g/6oz per box. 8.95 per box

Guaranteed Analysis: Protein 15.3% (min), Fat 7.8% (min), Fiber 17.7% (max), Moisture 1.1% (max), Ash 3.8% (max), Calories per 100g: 402
Veggie-Hides Original 6oz   8.95

Veggie-Hides Banana:

A gently processed treat of fresh banana, whole quinoa flour, carrot, spinach, green peas, sprouted flax and sesame seeds, kelp, alfalfa grass and wheat grass (all these ingredients are human-grade quality and certified organic), natural citric acid (GMO-free and human-grade quality). 170g/6oz per box 8.95 per box
Guaranteed Analysis: Protein 12.1% (min), Fat 6.1% (min), Fiber 15.3% (max), Moisture 9.1% (max), Ash 4.6% (max), Calories per 100g: 317
Veggie-Hides Banana 6oz   8.95

Dog Collars

Extra Small Hemp Collars

Extra Small Dog Collar
Click image for detail
Olie with collar We love Earthdog's hemp collars but our customers have been requesting a smaller collar with a smaller buckle. Our handsome hemp dog collars are 1/2 inches wide and have a strong 3/4 inch buckle and metal ring for tags and/or leashes. They are adjustable, machine washable, and will soften nicely with wear. Now small dogs can be green and comfy too!
Made in the USA (Indiana)

Extra Small Dog Collar   14.00

EarthDog Collars

We are proud to carry EarthDog hemp collars and leashes. EarthDog is a family run company dedicated to earth friendly production and dog rescue. Made in the USA (Tennessee)

Earth Dog Collar
Click image for detail
Solid strong buckles and metal rings for tags and or leashes. Adjustable. 1 inch hemp webbing. Machine washable/ Air Dry.

Small Hemp Dog Collar   16.00
Medium Hemp Dog Collar   17.00
Large Hemp Dog Collar   18.00

EarthDog Leashes with 1" snap hooks

EarthDog Leash
Click image for detail

One inch hemp webbing. Machine washable/ Air Dry.

4 ft leash   22.00
6 ft leash   26.00

If you are looking for a fair trade charm for your dogs's collar visit this page.

Pet Sleep Pouches


We use our organic luxurious dye free cotton fleece to create a versatile and practical sleep pouch. Your pets can sleep in it or on it. You can insert a blanket or pillow to increase the softness. It travels and stores with ease. You won't know how you did without it. Sweet sleep! Custom sizes available upon request.

Our sleep pouch is also reversible-one side golden Colorgrown cotton, the other thick creamy cotton fleece. Machine wash and dry on gentle. Made in the USA (Indiana)


Purrfect-Pouch comes in two sizes:

Medium 26 x 26 x 5  A cozy bed for a larger kitty or medium dog.

Medium Purrfect-Pouch, cat/dog   56.00

Large 37 x 37 x 8  Probably too large for a single cat, good for a medium to large dog.

Large Purrfect-Pouch, cat   88.00

Rescue Signs

rescue card

Hang these bright distinctive 4 1/2 x 5 1/2 cards so firemen & rescue workers will know just how many pets you have and who to contact. They stick to any window or door and can be moved and reapplied a number of times before the adhesive gives out. Each Rescue Sign comes & with 2 wallet cards. Carry a card with you so that others will know you have pets if anything serious happens.

Our individually handcrafted cards incorporate elephant dung paper which supports orphaned elephants in Sri Lanka. We love that you can potentially save your pets while actually saving the lives of elephants on another continent. It's all one green world! Made in the USA (Pennsylvania)

Rescue Card   7.95